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Why Advertise?


Great question…and one that has an easy answer.

Most (ok, all) businesses are in business to grow. If you have heard someone say they have all the business they need, everybody knows me, all my business is word of mouth, etc, you have met someone that opens the door at 8…closes at 5 …and keeps their fingers crossed in between hoping there is more money at closing than at opening.


What about all those customers that leave during the year?

Those that moved…Those that found a closer vendor…Those that do not need your products any longer…Those that-(fact of life)-died.


How many did you lose? How many will you lose?

And…How will you replace them?


Advertise…get the name out…let people know you exist. Encourage them to come back with a coupon offer!

If you have 100 current customers and lose 25 or 20 or even 15 during the year…how will you replace them and how will you grow?

Advertise…get your name out…let people know you’re here and ready to serve their needs!

That is why you advertise with Kansas City Coupons!


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