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Searches... There are 14,800 monthly searches done online for 'Kansas City Coupons'. Since is one of the first pages of Google, Bing & Yahoo we are seen by every person who does that search.

Business Info Page... Can contain Maps, Business Bio, Offers/announcements, Videos, Pictures, Music and More.


Local... We allow local businesses to target consumers in the areas they are located AND we let those users search for them by Industry, Region or Town.


Offers... Discounts—make it a good one

             Announcements—let people know you have a new product or are getting rid of an

                                     old one…or just to drive traffic in when the day is slow. A last

                                     minute happy hour announcement?


Videos... Free uploads with Platinum Option 3 and a discounted fee with Gold Option 2.


Google Maps... Free with all options as long as you use an address…Make it easy for the consumer to find you.


Logos... Additional brand awareness available with Ad-badges, Featured Offer Logo and Rotating Banners at the top of each page.


Descriptive URL... The search is Kansas City coupons---the site is


Attract New Consumers… Make an offer a new consumer cannot resist.


Protect Current Client Base… With increased competition in the marketplace give your current customer an incentive to keep coming back.


Locally Owned and Operated… The $$$ you spend stays in the local economy.


Marketing… Facebook, Twitter, Signs, Neighborhood Newspapers. Site Affiliations and Really Great Word of Mouth.


Gift Certificates One more to attract consumers.


Event Calendar… Let your consumers know what’s happening.


Redeemable… Offers can be redeemed by print and mobile


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