October is a Heavy Month for Brown Recluse Spider Movement; Check KansasCityCoupons.com Now for Pest Control Service Coupons for the Greater Kansas City Area

KansasCityCoupons.com welcomes Cole Termite & Pest Control to help consumers in the greater Kansas City area save money with their pest control needs. KansasCityCoupons.com makes it easy to search coupons, shop locally, and save money.

KansasCityCoupons.com has added Cole Termite & Pest Control to their site just in time to take preventative action before the cool weather hits. Cole Termite & Pest Control, founded in 1981 by David Cole, is a family-owned business dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for each home and business customer. “In the upcoming fall season, it is imperative that businesses and families take appropriate measures to ensure that the Brown Recluse population is controlled by calling the experts at Cole Termite and Pest Control. With our 33 years of experience, we recognize the importance of tackling a problem before it becomes an infestation,” says Travis Cole, general manager.

David Cole’s family business hires expert technicians and offers a special Worry-Free Guaranteed Pest Control treatment. With this guarantee, Cole will automatically inspect and treat seasonal pests six times a year to prevent future infestations. In the case of an outbreak, the technicians at Cole will treat the problem at no extra charge.

Cole Termite & Pest Control is set apart from the average pest removal company because they are certified in the use of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. Sentricon’s system is the sole system in the field that offers both colony elimination and environmental protection. The system is also the first termite product to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. On KansasCityCoupons.com Cole Termite & Pest Control offers a coupon for $200 off a Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

Cole Termite & Pest Control now offers coupons on KansasCityCoupons.com

“With 33 years of experience, we recognize the importance of tackling a problem before it becomes an infestation.”

KansasCityCoupons.com, founded in 2011, is determined to save money for consumers in the Greater Kansas City area, while supporting local businesses. The site is a destination website, where consumers can search for coupons by category, business, location or by keyword. There are currently hundreds of coupons available 24/7, with more coupons being added weekly. One of the most convenient things about KansasCityCoupons.com is that the coupons can be printed out or texted to a mobile phone. If a customer is dining at a restaurant that offers coupons on KansasCityCoupons.com, they can search and redeem coupons while enjoying dinner.

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