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Is it okay to use coupons on Valentine’s Day?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I found it very interesting to research how much people spend on gifts, dinner, and events. According to Time Magazine, the average person is expected to spend $126.03 on their loved one and “consumers are expected to spend the most on jewelry at a collective $4.1 billion.”

With the rising cost of everything right now, we all need to save as much money as possible and that is where coupons come into play. Many people consider it a taboo to use coupons on their Valentine but, me personally, I say go for it!

If you and your loved one use coupons on a regular basis, I believe that they will not have a problem with you saving some money. However, if your Valentine does not use coupons or looks down on them, I would not suggest using them on dinner but you can use them on their Valentine gift. They will never know that you saved money, well of course if you told them.

With there being so many ways to show your valentine that you love them, be creative and save!! Here are some ideas that Shine from Yahoo! on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending money, posted on Friday:

“1. Write on the bathroom mirror
It’s like the old lipstick on the mirror trick – only you don’t have to clean it off later! The hubby and I love to leave hearts and simple I ♥ Us on the foggy mirror. Of course, if I run the fan, I often don’t see it for days, but it makes me smile every time.

“2. Cook dinner at home
Stay home for Valentine’s Day this year, and cook dinner together. Put on a sexy, little apron and enjoy one another while you prepare a romantic dinner for two.

“3. Flirt with your spouse
Flirting seems to be a natural instinct during the dating years, but after 15 years and 3 kids, it fades away a bit. Rekindle some of that spark with a simple hand on his arm, a coy smile across the room, a whisper in his ear. It’s a fun way to bring a little romance back into your relationship.

“4. I love you because …
I should tell the hubby more often how much I love him – and why. It’s always good to hear, and I just love this idea of using a deck of cards.

“5. Lunchbox notes
Lunchbox love notes aren’t just for children! The hubby takes his lunch to work every day. I make sure to buy some of his favorites, and while I’ve never tucked a note in the bag, maybe I should.

“6. Create a playlist
I’m not sure who decided we had to leave mixed tapes in the 80s. I’m a big fan of music, artfully selected to let the lyrics speak for you. Now, you can burn a CD or create an mp3 playlist to sing your heart out.

7. Send random texts
Our random love notes come in digital form. Nothing makes me smile more than an unexpected text message from the hubby in the middle of a mundane day.

“8. Write a letter
Several years ago, the leader of my moms group asked the husbands to write a letter to his wife for Mother’s Day. I still tear up every time I read the words he wrote an entire life time ago. Spend some time writing a love letter to your spouse, and for added fun, tuck it up just like you did in junior high. ”

These are great ideas to save money but if you looking for some coupons check out all them out on!! We have several restaurants, jewelry and women’s apparel stores.  If you have any other ideas on how to save money on Valentines day or if you have an opinion about using coupons on the “love” day post your comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!

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Tips for Saving Money Everyday!!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

With the state of today’s economy, we need to save as much money as possible!! There are several things that we can do to save money including using coupons everywhere you shop like the ones on but there are everyday habits that are easy and will save you money. Below I have put together a list of tips and let the MONEY SAVING BEGIN!!

  • Buy generic everything. Many generics are exactly the same as brand names.
  • Buy in bulk and get rewards cards at the supermarket.
  • Insulate your home and use fans and ventilation instead of AC.
  • Create and stick to a budget!!
  • Use if you talk on the phone a lot, especially internationally.
  • Pack your lunch and bring your own coffee to work from home.
  • Get a credit report at, the government sponsored credit reporting website.
  • Always ask for a discounts on large purchases; every price is negotiable.
  • Use the library. They have plenty of books, CD’s and DVDs. You can also request that the library buy certain books.
  • Don’t follow your impulse. If you feel the urge to buy something, wait a few days and see if you still want it.
  • At the grocery store look down. Items below eye level are often cheaper.
  • Donate and have yard sales for the stuff that you don’t use.
  • Watch for fees. Fees are everywhere; bank fees, ATM fees, cash checking fees, late fees. These can add up over time.
  • Group discounts. Try to get a bargain on everything and ask if you can get a discount, especially if you have a large group.
  • Instead of buying things new, get them used or for free on Craig’s List.

I hope that some of these tips help you save money and please share any other tips that you have found that work!!


Coupons Influence Majority of Consumers’ CPG Brand Decisions

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

This post is a great article from Marketing Charts and here is the website for more information about the article and publisher:

Coupons from home heavily influenced brand choice for 55% of consumers in Q4 2011, unchanged from the previous quarter, but representing a 15% rise from 48% in Q1, according to a survey released in January 2012 by SymphonyIRI. Use of newspaper circulars from home proved influential to almost half of consumers, up 14% from 43% in Q1, while use of in-store circulars also gained steam over the course of the year, cited by 44% of consumers as a brand decision influencer in Q4, compared to 36% in Q1. Shopper loyalty card discounts proved influential to 42% of consumers, ahead of signs or displays in the store (30%).

Store Circulars Popular for List-Making

Half of the shoppers surveyed reported using a store circular to make a list prior to going to the grocery store, while 42% used coupons to make a list. Listing specific brands to buy was much less popular (16%), as were listing specific private label or store brand items to buy, and using the internet to make the list (both at 9%). Overall, 70% of consumers in Q4 said they make a shopping list prior to going to the grocery store.

Data from “MarketPulse: Key Trends” indicates that 39% of shoppers reported downloading coupons from manufacturer websites in Q4 2011, up from 37% in Q3 and 35% in Q2. The next-most popular usage of digital media for CPG shopping in Q4 was downloading coupons from retailer websites (37%), followed by downloading coupons from couponing sites (35%). 27% of shoppers reported researching products on websites, up 12.5% from 24% in Q2, while 23% reported visiting online deal sites such as Groupon.

Deals Prove Influential

26% of consumers in Q4 said that they were buying more of their CPG basket on deal compared to the previous year, while 1 in 3 consumers indicated that they were purchasing 50% or more of their basket on deal. 53% of shoppers said they stock up on items because they are on sale, and 52% said they make additional, unplanned purchases upon seeing in-store deals or specials. One-third of the respondents said they buy brands other than their preferred brands because they are on sale.According to an October 2011 survey by Accenture, about 2 in 5 US consumers would switch from brand name to generic grocery items as a result of a 10-20% price increase, and roughly 1 in 5 would also make the switch given a price increase of less than 10%.