Mobile coupon redemption rates to reach 8% by 2016

The global redemption rate of mobile coupons will average at over 8 percent by 2016, which represents an eightfold increase over the best paper coupons campaigns, according to a study by Juniper Research. Redemption values are expected to exceed USD 43 billion globally by 2016, driven by better targeting and mobile apps. The study also shows that North American and Western European markets are now beginning to follow the same growth path as the Far East & China, and by 2016 there will be over 600 million regular mobile coupon users worldwide. The report found that mobile coupons have compelling advantages over their paper and online antecedents and are particularly strategic for bricks and mortar retailers in their quest to regain ground lost to online retailers during the internet revolution. The report warns, however, that the rise in mobile coupon redemption rates will only come after an initial period of experimentation by both coupon issuers and users, during which redemption rates may actually decrease slightly. After this period redemption rates will then start to rise steadily.
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