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It Works Body Wraps

11211 W 99th Street
Overland Park, MO, 66214
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It Works Body Wraps:

Tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 min.  See results right away as you literally watch your waist shrink!  9 out 10 people lose between 1-3 inches after just one wrap. For best results, use at least 3-4 wraps, 72 hours apart. You can also use our defining gel for those hard to reach areas, or to put on in-between wrapping.  Results are amazing and WILL last, as long as you don’t go back to poor eating/exercise habits.  If you do slip up – we also have a “fat fighter” you can take which is a carb inhibitor. You just take two of these within an hour of eating a heavy or fatty meal and it will grab the extra fat and help flush it out of your system.  It works! Has several other great detox products, facial applicators and many other amazing products to help with skin, weight loss, and overall improved health.  You can easily check out various independent resources by typing in “It Works body wraps” in You tube.  You’ll be able to see and hear from real people with real results.  They work!  IT works!  REALLY.


11211 W 99th Street
Overland Park, MO, 66214 - --, USA


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