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Musician's Repair Service

12001 East 47th St, Ste B
Kansas City, MO, 64133
Tel: 816-444-5896
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Musician's Repair Service is a group of player/technicians who are using their combined 100+ years of musical instrument expertise to bring confidence and convenience to bring music-making!


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Musician's Repair Service always has a good selection of used wood wind and brass wind instruments, in exceptional condition, having been rebuilt and refurbished in our shop. We also offer consignment services, should you find you'd like to retire an instrument. 


We specialize in all types of repairs to band instruments, and are committed to fast, accurate service at the lowest price consistent with World Class quality. We are able, willing and eager to perform any kind of repair, from the smallest missing piccolo key cork to the largest smashed sousaphone. With more than 20 years experience, be assured that we will do the best job possible for you and your instrument.


Regular maintenance by the player is the best way to avoid expensive repairs that occur as a result of neglect. Consequently, we offer a large variety of cleaning items, brushes, swabs, cleaning kits, and high-tech lubricants. Also on hand are a variety of stands, straps, and replacement cases. Call us first for all your wind instrument needs! 

We stock a variety of accessories and reconditioned wood wind and brass wind instruments for your convenience!


As knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen, we are able to offer many services unavailable from an ordinary shop. For example: custom key work, Tenon, socket, and tone hole replacement, crack pinning, screw-bell conversions, valve rebuilding and re-plating (piston and rotor), mouthpiece replating (silver and gold), case rebuilding and repairs.

Our machining center is used in specialty operations such as Tenon/socket replacements. 


"In the minds of many people, repairs of musical instruments are often linked with automotive repairs, in that most have had a negative experience with the latter, and expect to have another negative experience when they take their instrument in for service. Be assured that music, and its unhindered expression, are the lighthouses that guide the operations of Musician's Repair Service. It is our mission to provide fast, accurate service at the lowest price consistent with world-class quality. To that end, the latest tools and techniques are used to make your repair and customizing experience effective, fast, and pleasant.

As working musicians, we know that it is a true joy to play an instrument that is clean, feels good, is in superb adjustment, and that plays in tune. We know how to do these things for your instrument. We look forward to helping you get more joy from your musical performance! Please call today to arrange a time when we can put our talents to work to help you." 

Musician's Repair Service
12001 E. 47th St, Ste. B
Kansas City, MO 64133


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12001 East 47th St, Ste B
Kansas City, MO, 64133 - 816-444-5896, USA


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