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Serving Greater Kansas City, KS and
Kansas City, MO,
Tel: 816-210-3928
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About Anne Canon Photography 


I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, and friend. While my family is small, I am blessed to have friends that I consider to be my family as well. Without the support of my "family" I would not be where I am today.

My introduction to photography began as a child working alongside my dad in the darkroom that we had in our home. Since that time I have continued to take classes and attend seminars so that I may continue to grow in my profession.

When asked why I am a photographer, my answer is always the same. I want to preserve memories. Photographs are often the key that unlocks a memory. I believe that all moments in life should be documented no matter how big, or how small, how happy, or how difficult they might be.

I love to capture people in the moment. I believe that personalities shine through when people just act natural and do not put on the "cheese" smile. I also love using natural light and look for locations that fit your personality and lifestyle.

I look forward to helping you preserve your memories.


You may contact me at


Serving Greater Kansas City, KS and
Kansas City, MO, 816-210-3928, USA


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