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3004 A SW 40 HWY
Blue Springs, MO, 64015
Tel: 816-224-8468

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Kansas City's Window Tinting Professionals

Solar Pro Window Tinting originally opened its first location in 1999 with just one small shop. Since then, our success with the company has centered around our principle business plan and has stayed the same until today: to give people the best installation with the best films available in just about every budget.


Residential Window Tint

For the best in home window tinting, Kansas City, Missouri homeowners turn to the professionals at Solar Pro Window Tinting. Our residential window tinting delivers a list of benefits to homeowners, especially those interested in making their homes more energy efficient. This home window tinting film saves you money by blocking the harmful UV rays that are responsible for higher temperatures in the summer months while also creating an insulating effect during cold winter weather. Not only will your energy bills be reduced, but you’ll also be better able to control and maintain the temperature of your home. Make your home greener and more comfortable year-round with our simple window tinting solution.

Custom Commercial Window Tint

With the addition of professional commercial window tinting, Kansas City, Missouri businesses and offices gain a multitude of cost saving benefits. This commercial window tint from 3M provides the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays by blocking them from entering through the windows in your business while still allowing beautiful, natural light to fill the space. Once your commercial window tinting is installed, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced and comfortable work climate without hot spots, glare and fluctuating temperatures while also lowering energy costs. Your employees, clients, customers, and guests will feel more at ease, making the environment a more positive one in which to conduct daily business.

Safety Window Film

Protect your home or business by increasing the strength and safety of your windows with our unique security window film. Kansas City, Missouri homeowners and property owners can do more to make their windows and glass doors safer with our 3M line of safety window films that not only protect those within your home or office, but also any valuable furnishings or products near your windows. The film works by covering your existing windows with a strong film that is virtually invisible and extremely durable. In the unexpected event of a glass break, this film encases the sharp, broken pieces and contains them within its protective barrier. Your home or business stays protected and your loved ones and goods, unharmed.

Automotive Window Tint

Not only do our car window tinting solutions give your vehicle a distinctive, fresh look, they also give you the added protection you need as a driver. Car interiors can reach dangerous temperatures in hot weather and unprotected windows allow UV rays direct contact with your upholstery, dash, steering wheel, and personal belongings. The result is expensive repairs or replacements of faded upholstery, damaged dash and steering wheel, and ruined items that you may have forgotten in the backseat. With our quality 3M line of car window tinting, Kansas City, Missouri drivers are protected from such damage. This innovative heat-rejection technology keeps your car safe and looking great when you’re on the road.


3004 A SW 40 HWY
Blue Springs, MO, 64015 - 816-224-8468, USA


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