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Get In Shape For Women

407 SW Ward Road
Lee's Summit, MO, 64084
Tel: 816-554-0155

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Get In Shape For Women’s unique body transformation program guarantees results!

Get In Shape For Women offers small group personal training for women. 1 personal trainer works with 1 to 4 women at a time in a private upscale studio for as little as $19/session.

Each session will consist of 30 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes of cardio, and nutrition coaching, for a complete balanced fitness program that produces amazing results!

Get In Shape For Women does not accept everyone, you must have a measurable goal and be committed to reaching it, be coachable and be ready to transform your body and your life. We want you to add to the culture of transformation that is created in each studio.

Weight Training:

Weight Training plays a vital role in Body Transformation, Injury Prevention, and Overall Health & Well Being. Weight training increases muscle tone, which increases resting metabolism. At Get In Shape For Women, you will perform 30 minutes of weight training followed by 25 minutes of Cardiovascular training. Your workout will be customized to your ability, and progressed accordingly. You will perform a variety of exercises under the direct supervision of a certified personal trainer. These exercises include free weights, lunges, squats, core training, pushes and pulls that work every muscle in your body for optimal results.


Cardiovascular Exercise plays a vital role in Body Transformation, as well as Overall Health & Well Being. Steady-pace ‘cardio’ increases your heart rate, which burns calories and body-fat during exercise. Performing 3 cardio workouts per week will burn approximately 200 calories per workout, or 600 calories per week. Performing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as your cardio will burn calories for approximately 2 hours after your workout is complete!


At Get In Shape For Women, we will help you develop a customized ‘6 meal a day’ nutrition program that you will be able to follow, 6 days per week. We will help you develop at least 3 options for each of your six meals so that you have some variety. And believe it or not, the 7th day will be your “FREE DAY”! You will have one day per week where you can indulge a little. This is not only normal, but healthy. By eating 6 small and frequent high quality meals (consisting of fruits & vegetables, 100 grams of high quality lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and 8-10 glasses of water, per day), we are able to help many of our clients decrease their daily caloric consumption by approximately 500 calories, or 3,500 calories per week. 1 pound of fat equals approximately 3,500 calories, which means that coupled with a weight training and cardio training program, our program yields close to 2 pounds of body-fat lost per week.


At Get In Shape For Women, we will hold you accountable to our system of Weight Training, Cardio, and Nutrition. We will first help you set an achievable goal, and then hold you accountable for reaching it. We will check your weight and body-fat percentage every 2 weeks to make sure you are on track to hit your goal. This is what sets us apart from other personal training and fitness programs, which in most cases cost 2-3x that of our services.One thing about our program is that we do not accept everyone; you must have a measurable goal, be coachable, and be committed to doing what it takes to reach it.

We have created a powerful culture of transformation within the studios, and you must be somebody who is going to add to this. Due to the success of our body transformation program, many of our studios have little or no availability for new customers, and have started a waiting list. Click the link above to request a free trial week of training in your closest Get In Shape for Women.



407 SW Ward Road
Lee's Summit, MO, 64084 - 816-554-0155, USA


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