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American Duct Cleaning is Kansas City' hometown-proud, independent air quality authority. We have thorough knowledge of your ducts and HVAC system as vital parts of domestic comfort. With the best equipment and a rare level of professionalism, American Duct Cleaning is your sure choice for improving air quality in your home.

We cover the entire metro area and beyond and can effect better air quality in the smallest bungalow on up to large residences such as care facilities.

Why get your ducts cleaned?
Healthier Air, HVAC Efficiency and a Less Dusty Interior!

About Us

American Duct Cleaning was founded in 2005 by Randy Welch as an outgrowth of his many years' experience in sheet metal and air conditioning. Randy is a family man who has lived his whole life in the Kansas City area - except for college at Missouri Western State University, where he played football (tackle) for the Griffons. He is also an ace darts thrower around town, claiming three national championships and four regional titles.

Aside from duct cleaning, sheet metal and air conditioning, Randy has been in the banking industry and sales. He believes duct cleaning is an important service that he is proud to develop as a career.

Randy has a thorough, straightforward approach and says "I am a specialist in indoor air quality. When I clean your ducts, I don't just wave a magic wand and call them clean. I do a quality, professional and honest job. I always put the customer's health and safety first."

Working out of a shop in the southern part of the metro, American Duct Cleaning uses industry best Rotobrush equipment, and has every size of hose (1.5", 2", and 4") and brush needed for various duct sizes. They use very strong vacuums in portable, wheeled units and have all manner of tools and accessories in our van to complete the job. ADC techs were trained by Rotobrush factory experts.

Our Services

Duct cleaning is our main focus, and this can be arranged with a phone call to 816-537-0318. Our service takes several hours for an average home. Ask Randy for an estimate of time and cost, and we will do everything to get your ducts clean at a tim e that’s convenient for you.

Our duct cleaning service involves wheeling in a portable vacuum unit, opening and cleaning down each supply and return (usually starting from the furthest from the furnace), then cleaning down the main trunk line, sanitizing the register grills and finishing with a bacterial fogging (this kills bacteria and lays down a protective coating). We do not surprise you with “add-on” sales, and will agree on total cost and scope of a job before we beg in work. All dust and debris collected goes with us for disposal, and we leave workspaces cle an.ADC are experts in the remediation of air quality problems ranging from dust to mold, bacteria, pet dander, humidity, pollen and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Aside from duct cleaning, we are knowledgeable consultants about a range of air-quality solutions, and can provide  the following related services:

Dryer Duct Cleaning
(Over 12,000 clothes dryer fires happen each year in the U.S. Aside from safety, cleaning those susceptible vents will make your dryer more efficient)

  • Ultraviolet Lights
  • Humidifiers
  • HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Programmable Thermostats



Just wanted to drop a quick note about our clean duct work. As I previously stated we had the duct work cleaned about 4 years ago and the house is only five years old. After that “cleaning” we would change our 3 month furnace filters every 3-4 weeks because of how dirty they were.

The day following you cleaning our ducts I installed a new filter. Now almost three weeks later I just checked the filter and it looks almost as if I just installed it. Becky says there is a huge difference in the amount of dusting she is now NOT doing. There is doubt you have sold us on the quality of your work and without hesitation we would highly recommend your service to anyone contemplating such.

Again, thank you for a job well done.


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Call 816-537-0318! 



2006 W Main
Greenwood, MO, 64034 - 816-537-0318, USA


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